Tango is a dance that I love but at the same time, I hate the visual clichés of it's image to the world.

Historically by the mid 1980's tango was out of fashion, on the edge of extinction and danced only by old couples, but suddenly there was a renaissance; the young started to re-evaluate it and by the early 1990's even Hollywood wanted a look in.

For me this is where the trouble starts and the tiresome clichés begin. The over greasy men with ponytails, women with a stiletto shoe fetish and couples desperately trying to look on the verge of orgasm, but at the same time pretending they are in the 1930's, even though none of this look existed in that time period.

In tango teachers, Nayla and Cristian I found a couple that loved the actual dance so much they just wanted to have fun and forget the tired visual references that so many of their peers go for.

The photographs have fun with the concepts and problems within learning tango using a plain bit of silly humour and double meaning. Fortunately as we all  share the same skewed viewpoint;  it happens very easily.



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