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A different form of expression through directing and producing…

A silent narrator walks 11 journeys through modern London; a city which is becoming unrecognisable in our own lifetime by over-development. We visit 11 churches and at each encounter a painting that depicts a place that has changed little during the last 300 years. At each, spoken words are heard from a past event. These defined spaces all have a unique energy, their slowly weathering stones carrying the vibrations of past lives and events, they are ’The Spaces Between’.


The Way Home takes the form of a child’s walk home from school, during the early 1970’s in Beckenham, south London. Lost in his inner monologue weaving school worries with favourite TV programs, it ends with a strange reality. Most people do not believe this story but as it’s based on a true event that happen in my own childhood, I felt I had to tell it!