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Sunrise Corner

Sunshine Corner, Hampstead garden Suburb, London, film HOME

My first encounter of this landscape was in a dream.

‘I was walking over a large expanse of grass towards a square of houses open on the side closest to me. It had a raised pavement on the three sides with steps down with short handrails.’

That was it; and like most dreams it made no sense. Not long after this dream I met the lady who would become my wife and on our first outing she showed me the part of London she lived, a place that I had never visited; Hampsted Garden Suburb. We came across the heath to a place known as Sunshine Corner, which I recognised from my dream, but this I didn’t tell her so as not to seem too mad on a first date! She was in the process of making a documentary film called ‘Home’ and I ended up featuring in it, working on this painting. The painting became known as ‘Sunrise Corner’ and a version of it became the poster for the film.